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Why should you build a cross-platform app?

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What is a cross-platform app?

It’s a kind of a mobile app that works on different operating systems. All it takes is to build one version of a cross-platform app, and it will look equally well on iOS and Android devices. 

The reason why companies choose cross-platform apps is usually the budget. Development cost is lower than with native apps and it takes less time. Compared to hybrid solutions, cross-platform apps guarantee better performance and flexibility.

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Benefits of cross-platform app development


01 Reduced cost

Instead of two apps, there’s just one. This means one development team covers the whole project. There’s no need to hire Android and iOS specialists – at least not full time. You only need one group of experts who know cross-platform technologies.


02 Time savings

Building one app takes less time than developing two products. What’s more, software engineers can choose from many ready-to-use components. That’s why cross-platform apps appear in the market ahead of their native counterparts and generate profits earlier.

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Popular technologies

There are two especially popular technologies used for building cross-platform apps. Flutter (75,4%) and React Native (62,5%) are among favorite tools and frameworks, according to respondents of the StackOverflow 2019 survey. At Holdapp, Flutter is our choice when it comes to cross-platform apps development.

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What is Flutter?

It’s a dynamically growing toolkit designed by Google. Flutter is based on Dart – intuitive and easy to learn language, especially for developers who already know Java.

This technology gives engineers an access to many libraries and frameworks, such as for example Material Components for Flutter. That’s the reason why the design of apps created with Flutter is similar in many different cross-platform apps. This has a positive impact on user experience.

The fact that Flutter can be connected to native modules also speaks in its favor. This enables for example sending notifications or listening to music. However, we have to mention that this effect cannot be achieved only using Flutter. Developers have to create a code in a language that enables building native technologies, such as Kotlin or Swift.

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When should you build a cross-platform app?

Flutter app development is a good idea if:

  • you want to build the app as soon as possible,
  • your budget is limited,
  • design of the Android and iPhone app should be the same,
  • the app doesn’t need access to many native components (such as a camera or music player),
  • the app can function even without a connection to the Internet.
Designing UI in native apps

Cross-platform or native apps?

Cross-platform apps have their limits and despite their advantages, they’re not always the best choice. Especially when the app should work in offline mode and connect with many system components and UI elements.

Sometimes connecting Flutter or React Native to native technologies can solve the problem. But it doesn’t work for everybody. And even if this will do, it may have a negative impact on performance. In that case, we recommend the development of a native app.


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Choose the best solution for yourself

Not sure whether it’s better to build a native or cross-platform app? Contact us and tell us about your project. We will help you make the best decision.


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Our cross-platform app

Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera) app - repertoir
Opera Wrocławska app - repertoir

android / ios

Opera Wrocławska (Wroclaw Opera)

The mobile app for Wrocław Opera is the first production realized by Holdapp using Flutter technology. The app offers users access to the full theater repertoire and news related to this cultural institution. 
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