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What is Swift?

It’s a programming language that enables faster development of iOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps. 

What’s the story behind its origin? Back when Objective-C was considered the main language for iOS applications, writing code was taking a lot of time.

A need for a less complex alternative was strong, so Apple came up with a new, statically-typed programming language called Swift.

As years went by, this language evolved and now Swift allows software engineers to create products even for Android or Linux. But still, it is mainly used to build apps for Apple devices. Currently, it’s a very popular solution, listed among the top 10 most loved programming languages in StackOverflow 2020 survey.

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Chosen by software engineers and product owners

Ever since Swift has become easily accessible and turned into an open-source project, developers from all over the world constantly improve it. As a result, this language offers more possibilities now, and software engineers use it eagerly. Swift makes app development faster and this has a significant meaning for every business that needs to release updates in no time.

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Why should you build the app with Swift?

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01 Easy implementation of native features

Swift applications can offer many native features without compromising performance. This language gives developers easy access to hardware elements, such as a camera, maps, and music player, among others. Even if the app is complex, with Swift it still works fast.


02 Shorter development time

Swift code makes iOS development faster compared to cross-platform technologies. In order to implement certain features in React Native or Flutter apps, developers often need to install new tools, plug-ins, or even add some native code. It’s way easier with apps written entirely with Swift.


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03 Protection from errors

Swift prevents developers from making errors in multiple ways. First of all, it has a clear syntax. Second – IDE quickly identifies errors while developer is writing the code. Moreover, the REPL environment allows software engineeers to test the apps and detect bugs. A large community is a huge help, too. Its support makes app development more efficient.

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04 Faster performance

Swift got its name for a very good reason. This programming language is really fast when it comes to conducting operations. Swift can be 2,6 times faster than Objective-C and 8,4 times faster than Python 2.7, according to Apple.

How about cross-platform applications? An iOS app is stored entirely on a device, so data processing and sending answers to requests usually takes less time, compared to Flutter or React Native.

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05 Dedicated UI design

Native iPhone and iPad apps offer a better user experience thanks to a dedicated user interface design. Swift developers can take advantage of Xcode’s SDK, multiple tools, and libraries that allow them to build UI with a characteristic iOS look. As a result, the UI is perfectly adjusted to expectations of iPhone users.

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Swift is the right choice when...

  • you need a native iOS app that must be developed as soon as possible,
  • iOS users are a big part of your target group,
  • your product must work smoothly even when it relies heavily on native features and components,
  • the design of the UI should be iOS-specific,
  • you plan to regularly update the app and make quick improvements.

Sports betting app made with Swift


Sports betting made simple – that’s the shortest description of this project. We wanted to give users a fast-performing app that allows them to make bets in no time with just a few taps.

The forBET application works on smartphones and Apple Watches, so users can enjoy sports betting the way they prefer the most.

We’ve developed the iOS version with Swift, because it’s the best way to create a stable product for iPhones with multiple advanced features.

It also makes it easier to update the application – when the stadiums were empty during the pandemic, we’ve integrated it with Twitch and YouTube, so users could watch live stream videos for selected events.

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Why should you develop an app with Swift?

iOS is one of the two most popular operating systems in the world, along with Android. If you have reasons to believe that iOS users can be a big part of your future clients, you should consider building a native product with Swift.

It’s also the best option when you want to offer many features that rely on the device’s hardware, such as NFC payments, GPS, camera, or music player. In such a case, a cross-platform app might be less efficient and much slower, compared to a Swift one. The latter can give you much more possibilities .

Still not sure if you should build an iPhone app with Swift? Check out our projects developed with this programming language and see whether you’d like to create something similar.

If you have any other questions – for example, concerning the development process, pricing, or time to complete the project – don’t hesitate and contact us.

Swift vs Objective-C

Before Swift took its place, the main language for the development of native iOS apps was Objective-C. The change of leader was mostly due to the simplicity and conciseness of the younger language.

To create the same component with Objective-C software engineer has to write much more code compared to Swift. As a result, teams that use newer language can develop products faster and release them earlier.

Even brands that already have apps created with Objective-C can take advantage of Swift. How so? These two languages can work together. It allows the development team to use Apple’s language for building new components. This way it takes significantly less time.

Why choose us for your Swift project?

We can quickly build up a team of experienced Swift developers, QA specialists, and a project manager/scrum master. Our software engineers have 7 years of experience in app development, on average. All this time, we’ve been observing the mobile market and adjusting our services to its needs. Based on the knowledge gained while working on the projects, we advise clients on business-related issues concerning digital product development.

Moreover, we know both Swift and Objective-C. This means we can add new components in Swift to Objective-C apps, as those languages are interoperable. This allows us not only to build new iPhone and iPad apps but also develop existing products that need to be improved. Even if they haven’t been created with Apple’s language.

What info do we need before we start a project?

Before we start the entire iOS development process, we need some information that can help us establish:

  • what is the main purpose of the app?
  • what goals do you want to achieve with it?
  • are there any elements you consider a priority?
  • who is the target group?
  • what problems you want to solve for potential users?

The more we know about users – their needs, lifestyle, and expectations towards a mobile app, the easier it will be to prepare a UX/UI design. If you have data, for example from your website or relevant reports, we’ll be happy to look into it.

Also, if you have a list of benchmarks or features that should be included in the app, don’t forget to share it with us.

Contact us, and we’ll tell you what information we need exactly. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers. Take part in our Product Sprint Workshops and find out more about your users. It will help us determine the key points of the project and increase the chances of creating a well-performing app.

Time & material vs fixed price model

We develop apps based on both types of the contract, but we prefer the time & material model. It is often the most efficient option for us and our clients. In the T&M pricing system, the final cost is estimated based on hourly wages (time) and resources needed to complete the project. It’s a recommended model especially, when the product is complex.

As an alternative, we offer a fixed price model. It’s the best option for small projects with simple features. In such cases, there’s a very little chance that something will take more time to develop than it was presumed at the initial stage.

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Native or cross-platform?

Not sure what kind of app would be better for your business? We have some info about cross-platform apps that will help you make the right decision.

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