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End-to-end web app development services

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Front-end & back-end

We take care of the whole development process. From communication and database issues to interactions and visual elements.
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Our code is clear which makes editing easier. Thanks to this developers can quickly add new features and fix potential bugs.
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In product versions of our apps we never log data to user console. We also obfuscate code in order to hide data from the third parties.
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User Experience

Good design makes using our apps a pleasure. That’s because we focus on the intuitive navigation and implement solutions users know well.
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QA tests

Every time we make changes, we test if all the features work properly. This approach lets us quickly find errors and constantly refine the products.
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Agile approach

We develop our projects in the iterative process. After each stage we evaluate a product. It allows us to control its quality and solve the problems faster.

Our web technologies

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What do we specialize in?


To storage data, process and handle it, we use Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and PHP. This selection of technologies gives us an access to many ready-to-use components. It also accelerates web development process and lets us work efficiently even when the project is complex.


React.js is a library we choose to build interfaces. This means creating views or interactions and communicating with database. React.js makes it possible to use selected components multiple times, and thus the development is easier. It’s also more productive. As a result, users get a fast, dynamic app that builds a better image of your business.

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– average developer’s experience: 7 years
– creating apps since 2012
– over 30 clients
– over 60 apps.

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Building apps in RWD

Responsive Web Design

Our web apps adjust to the size of a browser’s window, so they look equally good on different models of smartphones, tablets, and laptops. RWD apps allow users to take full advantage of the features, regardless of the display size.

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Web app is a good idea when...

  • budget for the development and maintenance is limited,
  • your users are usually reluctant to download mobile apps,
  • you don’t plan to offer a lot of features,
  • access in the offline mode isn’t necessary,
  • due to the nature of your services, users don’t need them often,
  • access to native components of the mobile device (e.g., camera or music player) isn’t essential.

Our web applications

VAT Guard website


VAT Guard

App that provides Amazon vendors with complex accountant support. Our goal was to deliver a robust solution that enables communication with tax authorities.
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Rosa app

ios / web

ROSA Designer

This app is a visualization tool for assembly of ZPSO ROSA products. It helps users compose a full park or street lighting set.
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Mobile or web app - what should you choose?

Find the answer during our Product Design workshop! Decide what strategy will be best for your project and which solutions are worth trying.

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